Shantotoonian writes:

We hired Harry to DJ our wedding knowing full well what we were getting, the absolute best DJ working today. The guy is beyond amazing, Ii mean there aren't enough superlatives to describe how good he truly is. Friends of my wife suggested we go with someone more "reasonably priced" but boy are we glad we didn't budge on our decision. For what Harry delivers his prices are a bargain! Do yourself a favor and don't even entertain the thought of hiring another DJ...This DJ is beyond compare I mean it wouldn't be fair to the other regular DJs on this site to compare them to Harry, he is that far ahead of ANY of them on here! Thank you again Harry for making our wedding reception such an unbelievable success!


AramBed1 writes:

I'm a music buff so I pay close attention to the music and the overall performance of any and every DJ that's in the Armenian circle. I've been around a while and I've been at parties where most of the DJs on this website have been playing, and I can say without any hesitation that Harry is head and shoulders above all of the rest. The guy just has a knack of knowing what works and what doesn't and you can tell he loves his job, it's his passion in life to deliver great performances every time out. That's why he is the only DJ I ever hire for our events and of course he was the only choice for us for our wedding. If you want your wedding or any party for that matter to be a great success call Hye FX, the guy is awesome he is clearly the only choice. Keep up the great job Harry!